The unapologetic existence has proved to be an art that is rarely celebrated.

In fact the very idea has been crucified more often than embraced. 

But what are the rules you might ask?

What makes your existence unapologetic and my own an awkward copy that begs acceptance from all?

Well, that is just it.

The one who lives unapologetic is just that.

She is wary of prophets and motherhood.

He is making love to his gay lover on 24th street.

She is Meriam Ibrahim who was sentenced to death for loving a Christian man.

He is taking pictures instead of going to Law school.

To exist unapologetic-ally is to fore go the world. To admit and to surrender to who you were and are.

And to do so without apology and with a smile. 

Author: Iwalewa

Well, I've always had a passion for writing. I would describe myself as a feminist, a womanist and a humanist. Poetry is something I've developed a great passion for. Apart from that, I also spend time reading...although this might make me come about sounding like an introvert, I still like to think of myself as an extrovert! I love making new friends and meeting new people. I hope this blog allows others to share and enjoy my work and hopefully share their views and opinions about various issues :)

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