Faces of Freedom

She dances softly around her sadness,

playing between the need to express what her soul preaches

and forging walls where pain nestles deep.

She faces her demons in the darkness of her thoughts,

breaking free only at the bottom of the ocean,

So, she sinks below.

The many mothers praise her silence,

the ancient tool of warfare,

but also of


Her spears pierce her heart

but leave her enemies


Where paradise lays, she has not yet discovered.

In her mind she draws cages of freedom and shackles of joy.

Binding rope to her dreams

She discovers images of freedom

pressed upon her heart.

Author: Iwalewa

Well, I've always had a passion for writing. I would describe myself as a feminist, a womanist and a humanist. Poetry is something I've developed a great passion for. Apart from that, I also spend time reading...although this might make me come about sounding like an introvert, I still like to think of myself as an extrovert! I love making new friends and meeting new people. I hope this blog allows others to share and enjoy my work and hopefully share their views and opinions about various issues :)

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