Those swallowed by the waters

This poem is a tribute to the thousands who have lost their lives while boarding boats often from Africa headed to European countries. As one reporter said, these people are not adventure seekers but rather desperate individuals seeking a better life for themselves and their loved ones. This poem takes a snap shot at the reality of what it means to be an immigrant in the 21st century.

There are the desperate many,

who have chosen to flee the familiar

Only to be swallowed by the hungry ocean waters.

They belong nowhere-

and own passports destined for heaven.

They hangΒ in limbo.

Unable to return to a lifeΒ they once knew

while blinded by the life they will be denied.

If you are silent,

you will hear their wails.

As they sink into the murky place

between their hopes

and the pain

of their realities.

Author: Iwalewa

Well, I've always had a passion for writing. I would describe myself as a feminist, a womanist and a humanist. Poetry is something I've developed a great passion for. Apart from that, I also spend time reading...although this might make me come about sounding like an introvert, I still like to think of myself as an extrovert! I love making new friends and meeting new people. I hope this blog allows others to share and enjoy my work and hopefully share their views and opinions about various issues :)

8 thoughts on “Those swallowed by the waters”

  1. Hmmm… Iwalewa, there’s an issue for me somewhere there o… Which hungry oceans na? I think that if we had a proper description of the ‘hungry oceans’, it might have come out a bit better… ‘the hungry oceans of uncertainty’ ‘the hungry oceans of life…’ … Anything there to make it flow better…

    I like this poem. I can’t say that in its current form it tells me much directly but reading through the lines (and I have gone through it at least four times) various images are evoked and keep flying in my thoughts.

    1. Firstly, I should thank you for stopping by! πŸ™‚ And then I have to say a bigger thank you for actually leaving me some constructive criticism which, I am so grateful for! When I wrote this poem I was thinking about the migrants (mostly from African countries and middle east) who travel the Mediterranean often to reach European countries and find employment and a better life. Last week, nearly 900 migrants perished when their boat sank. It is just a story of human desperation and I wanted to tell it. I will definitely take your points into consideration. I am so humbled that you took so much time to read my work! Really appreciate it!

      1. Hey! Pleasure all mine to be here… I kept on trying to get to your blog again but everything I clicked they would say the blog wasn’t available… Aha! Yes, true, there’s one other name they use for you. You might have to check it out o… Whether it is something lipstick or the other… Redlipstick? Well, check…

        To the poem… Now it makes a whole lot of sense… a hole lot of sense. The thing about poems like this sometimes is it is best to give us a small note so we flow… With something little we would have been sailing across those oceans together πŸ™‚
        I watched the news and heard about the incident you spoke about. Really nasty. The desperation… Some are killed deliberately out there. Others killed by nature itself. Kai. Really painful.

        Nice words there…

        Do you have any poem celebrating women…or professing love for same?

      2. Thank you so much for the advice! Again, I will definitely add a little description below to properly inform my readers of what the poem is discussing. A funny story is that my blog is called, “Redlipstick and Kinky hair” so you were in the right place πŸ™‚ My blogging “username” as we might call it is Iwalewa (for now), it continues to evolve, much as I do πŸ™‚ Thank you again for taking an honest interest in my blog. I have read some of your work and I have enjoyed what I have read so far. I look forward to reading and learning more from you in the blogsphere! Well, to answer your question about a poem written “celebrating women”, many of my poems are written with women in mind πŸ™‚

      3. Hmmm… Okay… ‘Iwalewa’ (for now πŸ™‚ ), do you mind sending me a few poems – poems that celebrate women? I am working on a collection of poems that celebrate women. Collecting poems from anywhere and everywhere… We will do an online edition free for distribution, then funds permitting, do a paper edition available on demand…

        So, game?

        Hmmm… Now to the ‘Redlipstickandkinkyhair’ hmmm… Hee heehee… Funny name you’ve got there. I don’t want to laugh too much. But oh well, we see the red lipstick alright! Is that the hair there? πŸ™‚

        I will be learning from you too πŸ™‚

      4. Hahaha, yes Iwalewa for now. Maybe it will change, maybe it will not. I would love to send you some poems. Thanks for asking! πŸ™‚ Should I send the poems to a specific email address? Also, is there a deadline for when I can send you the poems? (As a current student, I work best with deadlines!) I see you are not fond of the “RedLipstickAndKinkyHair” name? lol

  2. Reblogged this on Sevhage Reviews and commented:
    A poem that talks about those many of us who struggle to get to new fortunes… Some who hungry oceans swallow. Others who simply sink into the murky place of despair… A lovely poem. Deep, thoughtful and can be viewed from a million angles.

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