The Human Fault

It is the gift of life that has been reduced to a curse by our feeble minds.

Searching for existence, we realize our utter inadequacies.

While born to walk on land, we pray to fly.

We bind our hopes and dreams to love, hoping that this will be fertile land to instill the growth we desire.

We toil unceasingly, never realizing the true simplicity of life itself.

It was beautiful before but we damned it in our hearts.

After the fire burnt the destruction i thought i saw the holy trinity rise above the ashes.  

Unlocking Facets

I wish you would allow yourself to see me,

For all that I am.

I am the prayers of many who now lie still, the pains of a woman whose dreams she has washed and cried away.

I am the joy of transformation, the new age.

Can’t you see? 

I live and love for many.

The tears cried before the beginning ripple in my heart. 

If only you could fathom this, accepting the many facets that could make me yours.

These facets I cannot reject nor refuse, for they make me all you see.

All I ask is that you let your mind comprehend the possibilities of the beauty this could create.

Cease from closing your mind to this beauty and just let it be beautiful.

Unlock these facets and love me whole.