Along the lines of truth

And they keep telling me: my Black is beautiful.

As though this new revelation should surprise me.

Shock me, into

appreciating my existence, and to be grateful for my borrowed space.

and time.

How do they know I do not bow to my temple of blackness daily?

and pay homage often to the struggles whitened out in history texts?

They encourage me to accept my wide heavy hips and thick thighs.

They speak in weak tones of expression of inner beauty and imitations of color blindness,

Who are these that dictate what my reflections should sing?

Those who trap my stories in a box

Those who describe me as one thing.

One beautiful Black thing.

Why should i be defined, aligned and understood?

they teach me to know myself, while

always fearing i will recognize the lies behind their borrowed truths

and hand-woven sermons

Having produced an image of me that they find palatable and comfortable,

they clip my wings and demand i soar.


The unapologetic existence has proved to be an art that is rarely celebrated.

In fact the very idea has been crucified more often than embraced. 

But what are the rules you might ask?

What makes your existence unapologetic and my own an awkward copy that begs acceptance from all?

Well, that is just it.

The one who lives unapologetic is just that.

She is wary of prophets and motherhood.

He is making love to his gay lover on 24th street.

She is Meriam Ibrahim who was sentenced to death for loving a Christian man.

He is taking pictures instead of going to Law school.

To exist unapologetic-ally is to fore go the world. To admit and to surrender to who you were and are.

And to do so without apology and with a smile.